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We will fit several Extensions into your hair, to show you the process and let you get a real feel and idea of how they will look.  We are happy to answer as many questions as you have and will go through complete aftercare and maintanance

REMEMBER... the kinder you are to your Hair Extensions - the longer they will last you.
Lastly we will explain and show you the different types of human hair available, giving you a complete price for the hair and the fitting.

At your consultation we will take a look at your hair to assess firstly if your hair is suitable and strong enough to hold Extensions.  We will discuss with you your wishes for your overall effect. 
Hair can be ordered on the same day (before 12pm) and delivered to the salon the next working day.
Upon booking a fitting to have Hair Extensions a £50 deposit is required to ordering the hair
This cost is at no profit to Russell Brooks Hairdressing - you only pay what it costs us! 
The fitting fee is payable on the day.




I love my hair so much! Thanku michelle i am really pleased with it x

Hi michelle,hope ur well. Have had so many compliaments about my hair!
People just think my hair's grown its so natural! Thank u! Cu in a couple wks :-)
Amanda x

Hi Michelle, I have been meaning to text you for so long! Im loving my extensions and have
found it so easy to look after them, its suprised me how easy!  Hope your well,
Kelly x

Hiya Thx for my brush, I love my hair! U have a fantastic holiday & I'll see you when ur back x
Mandie x 

I absolutely love my hair and only 1 has come out xx  

Hi! Love the hair, can I use hairspray on my fringe, to put it up? Xxx

Hi M! Wondering if I could book in my hair re-shuffle with you for Dec as its due out on 22 but wondered
if you were free 15th? Or 14th? Plus colour too! Thanks, Emma ps. Loving this colour & length- adore it!!

Michelle,   The response when I got home was WOW!!!  I have been
looking and feeling constantly in the mirror and it really does feel
good and natural.  The length and colour is perfect and I absolutely
love it, and I am sure as the next few days pass I will love it more.
I am so pleased with this new hairstyle and can't thank you enough for
what you have done for me.
You have done a fantastic job.
I wish you, Russel and your boys a wonderful happy christmas and I
will see you in the New Year.
Loads of love.....Judy

Hey Michelle & Russ,
Just a quick mail to say thanks for my hair!! I love it, I'm still getting used to it but loving it more and more as
I'm learning to handle it! Ha (I have never had long hair so it's quite a shock))

But anyways, thanks very much! I am very happy with it :-)
I have no phone at the moment (hence the email) so will arrange with Michelle through Sarah for my follow
up to see how they are. It's in 3 weeks isn't it?
Hope you both, the boys and dogs had a great Christmas!
Kelly xx

My hair is amaaaaaazing! It's so much nicer than that previous hair I had fitted elsewhere! And much easier to look after! Thankyou xx
Charlotte x

Hey hun, u ok? Been meaning 2 text u and say how amazing my hair has been. Even on holiday.  I love it. I,ll have it done again,
but not on brown, cant keep my hair the same colour 4 2 long, lol. But i,ll get a Few more months out of these yet x x


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